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I was tagged by :iconryokozchan: and normally I don't do these but this one looked like fun! XD

1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions provided by the tagger and make up questions for those you tag.

3) Choose ten people and put their icons on the journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them they've been tagged. 

5) Not something stupid like 'You have been tagged!' 
6) Must tag ten people.
7) No tag backs.
8) No saying 'no tag backs'.
9) Everyone who has been tagged must write a journal entry.


1. Which Disney Princess Do You Think Would Suit Your Personality Best?
A=  Disney Princess? Oh wow it's been forever since I last watched a Disney movie but if I had to pick one, I guess I'd have to pick Cinderella. Mostly because I spend my days working like a dog and just waiting for the day I'd meet that special someone~  
( ˘ ³˘)❤
(Even though to be completely honest, I don't have much desire for a boyfriend ^^' )

Favourite Anime? (Or Cartoon If You Don't Watch Anime...)
A= Favorite? Oh wow that's a hard choice. Well Dragon Ball will always hold a special place in my heart and is one of my top favorite series along with Sailor Moon. And then there's FMA and it does hold a special place in my heart too since I had the biggest crush on Edward for pretty much the whole of my childhood .////.
I guess my current favorite has to be Kuroko no Basket Kagami-Kun~~✿♥‿♥✿

Which Character In That Anime/Cartoon Do You Think You Are?
A= Well as a kid, I always thought that I was more like Chi-Chi in the original dragon ball, a shy little girl who was completely lovestruck. And in Sailor Moon, I'd have to say Ami is most like me in personality, I study like a mad woman, a little antisocial and I'm always reading or writing something!
As for FMA, that is a good question, I guess that my personality would have to be more like Al's, especially with my love for animals ^^
And in Kuroko No Basuke, I guess I'd have to be more like Kuroko, sometimes people don't notice I'm in the room even if I've been there for a long time and I can be pretty quiet ^^'

What Do You Love About Your Country?
A= My country? Hmmm... Well to be honest, while there is a lot of crap going down in my country right now, in a way, I'm kind of proud to be born an American. I mean America is easily one of the culturally diverse countries in the world! We have people of all sorts of backgrounds living here, and in a way, I do consider America to really be the land of the free with how much free liberties our citizens have, we're free to express our own opinions, are able to be proud of who we are and where we come from and stand up for what we believe in. But that's just my opinion ^^

5.  A Life-Time Supply Of Chocolate-Chip Cookies Or All The Power In The World?
A=Sign me up for the power! I WANT ALL OF THE POWER!!! XD

6. Favourite Colour? 
A= Amber yellow ^^

7. Favourite Song/Band Or Artist?
A= Well I mostly listen to Japanese music so one of my favorite artists has to be 40m-P, and then there's Jin, Oster Project, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, I'll pretty much listen to anything as long as it's catchy ^^

BOO!! Did I Scare You? X3

A= *Hiding behind Hidan* N-Not at all! >///<
Hidan: Da Faq you doing  behind me? -_-'

What/Who Is The Meaning Of Life For You?

A= To be honest, I believe that God placed all of us on the Earth with a purpose, and the meaning of life is to learn and find out what that purpose is and fulfill it to your hearts content. Some answers may take longer to find answers to but it will be worth it in the long run ^^ 


A= Pretty self explanatory

----------------MYYYYYYYYY QUESTIONSSSS TO YOUUUUUU!!!!----------------

1. What's your fave hobbie?

A= I would have to say writing, Playing with UTAU, and lately I've found drawing to be pretty fun ^^

2. Play any musical instrument??

A= I know how to play a little guitar and keyboard but I wonder if UTAU counts as an instrument? ^^'

3. Blue or Black?

A=Black ^^

4. Favorite Candy?

A=Reese's peanut butter cup! 

5. Which is your fave pair of shoes and clothing?

A= A pair of tan, fur-lined boots my sister gave me for Christmas ^^

6. Hair color?

A= My hair color is a really deep brown with some gold highlights if I stand in the right light XD

7. Do you like Gravity Falls? 

A= I love Gravity Falls! I wish I had a Grunkle Stan XP

8. Can i virtually hug you?? <3

A= Of course you can! X3

9. you blush constantly? 

A= I actually blush a lot, and since I have rosacea, I look like I'm always blushing even when I'm not XP

10. Want something to  eat?? 

A= Of course! XD

And because I'm feeling evil, I'll tag some people! 
:iconmikki-of-the-wind: :iconmcgir: :icond-aika: :iconrojoneo: :iconhellkitty112:  :iconhikaruyami-have-fun: :iconglaspudding: :iconmslela92: :iconwolfy-sama: :iconjonathanmdful:
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  • Listening to: Itsuki no Musume
  • Playing: Mario Kart ^^


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UST :…

4.Fallen Angel

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TheOtakuFox43 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student Writer
Just wanted to say, sorry for the long delay! I had some computer problems that are fixed now and I'll have your covers done as soon as possible! ^^
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Nana? Well these are the settings I use for her
Modulation: 80-120 *She can handle a lot!*
Consenant Velocity: 120
BRE: 50 ^^
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Well I already made the cover, so I'll just put those settings down somewhere :D
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I lost them from my computer, and the download links are dead qwq'
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hmmm, I think I may still have them! I'll send them to you via email! ^^
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Btw can I com 1 song? owo
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